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Debbie R. from San Jose, CA

 Being new to acupuncture, I was absolutely amazed after my first time. I have Bulbar ALS so my tongue has been completely immobile for six months. After my first session, not only did my body feel so much better but my tongue was able to move! Wei Iben, L.Ac, is so gentle, caring and experienced. In such a short time I trust her 110%! I am on my third week going twice a week and feel the benefits the more often I go! I would highly recommend Wei Iben and this facility to anyone seeking a pain-free healthy life! 

Eric I. from Santa Clara, CA

Three needles on my arm made my groin pain go away instantly.  Amazing! Strongly recommend Dr. Iben.

Hilary S. from Nevada City, CA

 When my partner and I were in a bad car crash, our friend recommended Wei as the person to see for help with our pain and trauma. We are so glad we took his advice. Wei is the most skillful and compassionate healthcare provider we have seen in decades, let alone the best acupuncturist. She is extremely thorough in her evaluations, and precise and thoughtful in her treatment. We both benefited greatly from seeing Wei, to the point that we would want her to be our primary health provider if we lived closer to her office. Highly, highly recommended, both for acupuncture and for general healthcare. 

Hw L. from Scotts Valley, CA

 Dr. Iben has only been treating me for a few weeks and I've found her to be very knowledgeable and her treatments to significantly reduce my pain. When I told her my neck and shoulder areas are very tense and painful, she found and treated the exact spots that are causing the pain. After a couple of sessions, I feel much less pain. I also have severe tendonitis in both my elbows. My primary care doctor's only recommendation was to take anti-inflammatory medication. Ms. Wei was able to significantly reduce the pain with acupuncture so I don't need to take medication and am able to perform all my daily activities. I plan to continue to visit Dr. Iben regularly. 

Charles Q. from Cupertino, CA

 Dr Iben is one of the nicest doctors I have ever met. She is extremely patient and detail-oriented. During the acupuncture therapy treatment, she examines the pain point of my back spot by spot to make sure that the treatment is effective. I felt instantaneous relax of my back muscles right after each treatment 

I have suffered back pain for a long time due to playing competitive sports routinely, especially the next days after I played. Now after about 10 sessions, I no long feel any pain. I am still seeing her weekly to make sure that the pain doesn't come back and I get fast stress release. 

A.A. from Sunnyvale, CA

Dr. Wei helped me with insomnia and headaches. I felt a real difference after her treatments. Her needling is very gentle, not painful at all. Most of all I enjoy her personality - she is very friendly and balanced. I highly recommend her services! 

Joseph M. from Santa Clara, CA

“I was having tremendous stomach pain for days and couldn’t even sleep. Dr. Weihong gave me some herbal medicine and I instantly felt better. When I stopped the medicine, the pain came back, so she continued the treatment until it went away. If it weren’t for her, I would have wound up at my doctor’s getting charged for exams and medical bills that she was able to cure with some simple herbs. Thank you Dr. Weihong!”