Rhythmic Negative Pressure

Instead of a constant suction on the skin from traditional cupping, Biboting applies the negative pressure in user defined intervals and strength. The rhythmic suction creates a massage-like effect. It relaxes the nervous system, and greatly improves stress related symptoms. The rhythmic suction increases the blood flow and reduces markings made from traditional cupping.

Negative Oxygen Ions

The Biboting device extracts negative oxygen ions from surrounding air and releases them in the cups, which helps the detox process and improves the healthy condition of the skin.

High Frequency Resonance

Large cups have a small motor attachment which creates vibration up to 7200 times per minutes.  The vibration combined with suction further relaxs the soft tissue layer and improves the blood and Qi circulation.

BIboting Applications


Biboting 碧波庭 is a revolutionary therapeutic device that combines multiple functions into one.


Breast enlargement and massage Cosmetic Wrinkle Reduction:

When slidng small cups on the skin at a low suction level with high rhythm, the device creates a pulsing motion which stimulates the blood circulation, improves the skin elasticity, expels dead skin cells, and reduces wrinkles. 

Women's Health:

Removes benign breast lumps

Unclogs milk duct


Nervous System: 

Improves brain cortex function

Combats fatigue

Cardiovascular System:

Helps combat aging 

Lower blood viscosity

Respiration System: 

Repairs alveolar secretory function 

Improved respiratory system